Companies that need to aggregate a proliferation of data types on one stream across their corporate communications link will, most probably, need the services of an access multiplexer.

This is a small or expandable unit that not only handles the typical legacy traffic still found in every company around the world today, but also has the ability to interoperate with the latest protocols such as Ethernet and digital voice, to provide one unified connectivity point.

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This gives companies a cost effective way of aggregating their day-to-day communications, instead of having to replace older style traffic with a costly upgrade and change the way they work.

By using technologies, such as multiplexing over fibre or copper, and even TDM over IP, these products can combine the majority of protocols in use today to provide a seamless communications solution for enabling the day-to-day running of the business. For a large corporate that needs to know what's happening with its network on a 24/7 basis, these products can provide a total solution.

“Fibre optics is a new area for us and Fibre Technologies was really helpful, advising and giving us exactly what we needed to meet our requirements.”

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