SUNNYVALE, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infinera(NASDAQ: INFN) announced today that GÉANT, Europe's leading collaboration onnetwork and related infrastructure and services for research and education,selected Infinera's industry-leading 600G transmission technology for itsnext-generation pan-European network.

UsingInfinera's Groove (GX) Series Compact Modular Platform, FlexILS Open OpticalLine System, and professional services, GÉANT is undertaking the mostsignificant refresh of its network in a decade as part of a major EU-fundedproject designed to support the needs of Europe's research and educationcommunity for the next 15 years.

The amount ofvital data generated by scientists and researchers from areas such asbioinformatics, medicine, physics, astronomy, and climate change is growingexponentially, and GÉANT and its NREN partners must stay well ahead ofrequirements. While GÉANT's current terabit-ready network is the most advancedand well-connected regional research and education network in the world, theneed to stay ahead of requirements for years to come is vitally important toscientific collaboration and discovery.

With Infinera'snetworking solutions, GÉANT can effectively provide high-speed services to itscustomers using efficient, high-capacity 600G per wavelength transmission.Additionally, the scalable network is designed to enable GÉANT to scalecapacity to multiple terabits seamlessly, meeting rapidly growing bandwidthdemand. Leveraging advanced features from the GX G30 and FlexILS, GÉANT canprovide a high level of security, service reliability, and disaster recovery.

“The success ofthe GÉANT (GN4-3N) project is essential for Europe's research and educationcommunities and will ensure GÉANT and our NREN partners continue to enablescientific discoveries, remote learning for millions of students, and therealization of open science," said Erik Huizer, Chief Executive Officer, GÉANT.“Infinera continues to be one of our trusted technology partners and we valuetheir expertise in deploying optical networks and providing the best solutionsto meet and exceed our extremely demanding requirements."

“We are excitedto partner with GÉANT to meet some of the most stringent network requirementsfor high-capacity research and education networks," said Nick Walden, SeniorVice President, Worldwide Sales at Infinera. “GÉANT provides network andcollaboration services that facilitate important international cooperationbetween researchers and educators, and we are proud to support their effortswith cutting-edge optical technology that delivers what they need and providespeace of mind."

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