Modular Protocol-Independent, 10 Gbps XFP Fiber Mode Converter

Connect 10 Gigabit network segments running different fiber types using interchangeable XFP modules

The iMcV-10G-Converter is a dual-wide SNMP manageable module that allows network operators to convert multiple fiber types and wavelengths, as well as copper XFPs, within a network. It installs in the modular, SNMP-manageable iMediaChassis series and in the unmanaged MediaChassis series.

The iMcV-10G-Converter is protocol-independent with dual XFP ports which can provide a single conversion between copper, different wavelengths or single-mode and multi-mode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multi-mode to single-strand single-mode fiber. The iMcV-10G-Converter module supports a variety of user-configurable features such as LinkLoss, LoopBack and variable speed XFPs.

The iMcV-10G-Converter uses 10 Gbps XFP modules which are capable of moving large amounts of data over long distances. The hot-swappable nature of XFPs and the numerous fiber modes and types that are available allow for easy configuration and future upgrading as network demands evolve.

Easily configure and manage converters with the GUI-based iView². As an SNMP management application, iView² gives network managers the ability to monitor and control IMC Networks' products. iView² runs standalone on Windows NT/XP/2000/7 or as a Web Server running under IIS. For assistance in selecting the right version of iView² for your operating system, visit our web site at:

Features and Benefits

Cost-effective and flexible

  • Interchangeable XFP modules allow for multiple fiber mode/type conversion options (single-mode, multi-mode) as well as support for copper XFPs
  • DDMI enabled XFPs are supported through SNMP when installed in a compatible managed chassis
  • Ideal for use with IMC Networks' XFPs


  • Supports a wide range of XFP Modules with transmission speeds from 9.9 Gbps to 11.3 Gbps

Maximizes network uptime

  • Modules are hot-swappable; no need to power-down chassis when upgrading or trouble-shooting a single module
  • User selectable FX LinkLoss enables the operator to identify a cable fault/failure when the unit is not used in a managed chassis
  • Supports Config Control, a feature that retains the latest configuration of a module regardless of how the initial configuration was setup; whether by DIP Switch or SNMP Management Module Supports XFP Loopback (Lineside & SFI) and Loss Carry Forward (XFP dependent)

Application Diagram

In this application, two servers are connected over a 10 Gbps network across a campus. The distance limitation of the original multimode fiber used in the initial installation is extended via the iMcV-10G-Converters over single-mode fiber.

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