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The Wzzard is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in remote and demanding environments.

Intelligence at the network edge? its a simple concept....

Unlike a traditional SCADA application where sensors and edge devices are simply passive conduits for raw data, edge decision making delivers a more effective network.

Now, using iterative control limits and gateway data aggregation to support applications closer to the network edge. M2M evolves from machine communication to machine decision making.

The Wzzard intelligent Sensing Platform brings this intelligence to the network starting at the sensor creating a more responsive, reliable and efficient network. Using the IoT ready protocol, MQTT-SN, Semantic sensor data is delivered to the application layer over a secure, scalable, resilient wireless SmartMesh IP Mesh network.


  • Applications
  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Energy Management & Food water level monitoring
  • Data Centre Temperature Monitoring
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Digital Signage Monitoring
  • Smart Irrigation System
  • Smart Parking System
  • Sensing Platform for water / Wastewater operators

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