414-CFX2 - Fiber Optic Modem
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The CFX2 is a managed fiber optic modem that provides a secure and long-range data link for standard data communication interfaces over fiber optic lines. The units support E1 (G.703/G.704), X.21, V.24, ISDN BRI (I.430) and Ethernet Bridge interfaces. The payload data rate can be set in steps of n x 64 kbps up to 2048 kbps (unframed mode) via SNMP, Web-GUI, Telnet and VT100 management. When equipped with a 10/100BaseTx user interface, CFX2 is able to connect remote LANs transparently. It supports auto- negotiation, full- and half-duplex mode, Flow control and transmission of VLAN frames up to 1522 bytes. The CFX2 offers in-band management of the remote device, whereby the management data is transmitted together with the user data. The in-band management capability in combination with System Controller SCX2 allows Carriers and ISPs to maintain and supervise all devices inside management system via single NMS access point (IP forwarding). Additional features like performance monitoring (E1 ports) and several test loops at line and user interface ports give operators wide bunch of easy service diagnostics in case of any problems in the network.


  • Available optical interfaces:
  • 850 nm/1300 nm Multimode
  • 1300 nm/1550 nm Single Mode
  • WDM option supported
  • Interface data rate adjustable in steps of n x 64 kbps up to 2048 kbps

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