334-FRM220-FOM04, FRM220-FOM01
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The FRM220-FOM01 is a single slot, single channel E1/T1 plus 100M Fast Ethernet fiber multiplexer card. The FRM220-FOM04 is a dualslot, 4-channel E1/T1 plus 100M Fast Ethernet to 1+1 redundant fiber multiplexer card with an additional clear channel RS-232 andorder wire. When the FRM220-FOM cards are placed in the FRM220 rack with NMC, the administrator can view the converter card'sstatus, type, version, fiber link status and alarms. Remote, fiber connected standalone card, can also be managed through in-bandmanagement via the chassis NMC. The card can be configured to enable or disable the port, reset the port, and provide local orremote diagnostic loopback. The optical aggregate of this multiplexer employs either a fixed transceiver or industry standardpluggable optics (SFP) operating at OC3/STM-1 data rates (155M). The SFP modules can be chosen to support single-mode, multimode,single fiber bi-directional or Coarse and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM and DWDM)


  • 1 channel unframed E1/T1 (transparent)
  • 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet (100M wirespeed)
  • Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Auto-Negotiation or Force Mode
  • Supports flow control
  • Supports 9K jumbo packets
  • Supports link fault Pass-Through for Ethernet
  • Supports Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI) SFP
  • Loopback test on E1/T1, fiber ports
  • Supports Dying Gasp
  • Supports local or remote In-band management by SNMP manager
  • Local management by console port via FRM220-CH01M chassis.
  • Supports On-Line F/W upgrade.

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