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The FRM220-TM-10GMux is a 7x 1GE to 10G Muxponder. Based on TDM technology, the Muxponder transports seven separate GigabitEthernet data streams into a 10 Gbps SFP+ Based trunk port. This solution provides significant cost reduction and excellent fiber utilizationwhen compared to CWDM optical multiplexing. The FRM220-TM-10GMux incorporates 7x 1GE SFP based access interfaces that canaccommodate various types of SFP. Such as Multi-mode, Single mode and 1Gbps copper SFPs. The trunk port is a SFP+ 10Gbps permittingflexible connectivity options between the Muxponders either in a WDM system or directly between two devices. Two types of housingsare available for installation in a 19" FRM220 chassis. 20 slots are provided by using the FRM220-CH20 chassis 2U while the FRM220-CH081U supports up to 8 modules. Both housings can be monitored and configured through SNMP, Web GUI or Telnet using a NMCmanagement module.

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