1190-IFC-FDC, IFC-Serial
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IFC Series are industrial grade serial/fiber converters that provide a single fiber or dual fiber connections to extend asynchronous RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 serial transmissions over a distance of up to 2km using multi-mode fiber or up to 60km using single-mode fiber. The singleduplex fiber provides point-to-point connections and allows connecting multiple devices in a cascaded or "daisy chain" fashion. However, noredundancy is provided for the model with a single fiber and any single port failure can disable the entire ring. On the other hand, the dualfiber inputs not only allow connecting multiple devices in a cascade or "daisy chain" fashion but also can create ring architecture for fiberredundancy and auto recovery.
IFC Series converters are capable of selecting interface modes for connection to RS-232 (3 wire), RS-485 (2 wire, half duplex) or RS-422/485(4 wire, full duplex) and feature a three-way communication plus a second independent RS-232 communication channel. Additionally, theterminal block offers an alarm relay contact and two redundant DC power inputs. IFC Series converters are also available in two operatingtemperature ranges, a standard -10° to 60°C commercial temperature range and an extended -40° to 75°C range. With all these specificallydesignedfeatures, IFC Series are reliable and ideal solutions for keeping your industrial automation applications running smoothly andcontinuously even in harsh environments.

Data Sheet

  • Supports 2 fiber link (IFC-FDC)
  • Supports 1 fiber link (IFC-Serial)
  • Supports dual channel communication, including Triple-Way communication, and Two-Way communication
  • Extend serial transmission distance up to 2km, 30km, 60km
  • Supports several topology , cable redundancy(Figure 2), ring connections (Figure 3), fiber daisy chain (Figure 4) ,point to point (IFC-FDC)
  • Supports half-duplex ring application(Figure 6), point to point(Figure 7) (IFC-Serial)
  • Redundant dual power inputs (12/24/48VDC)
  • Supports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485(2/4 wire) transmission to dual fiber connections
  • Enhanced serial baudrate up to 1024kpbs
  • 2.5KV isolation for serial signal
  • Supports relay output for power or link failure warning
  • Hardened housing with IP30 protection
  • Fanless and DIN-Rail design for harsh industrial environment
  • Adjustable pull high/low resistor and terminator for RS-422/485 transmission

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