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IPM-1SE/V35 is designed as a multi-service access platform for PDH and V.35 over Ethernet applications. Structured/unstructured E1 and V.35 data can be mapped/de-mapped into/from Ethernet packets. An adaptive clock recovery method for Ingress PDH (PSN -> TDM) clock generation is implemented to support E1 (ITU-T G.824) Jitter performance.

Cost-effective LAN deployment (PDH and V.35 over ethernet)

IPM-1SE/V35 provides cost-effective applications of traditional circuit-switched system over Ethernet. With IPM-1SE/V35, it is easy to interconnect with existing phone systems and V.35 over Ethernet that are used to carry data, voice and video.

Transparent transmission

IPM-1SE/V35 can transparently transport proprietary signaling that are required to support PBX features, including call conference, call forwarding and SS7. Customer can easily apply and enjoy better integration of TDM, V.35 and Ethernet devices with lower network expense.

Bypass international toll

With a pair of IPM-1SE/V35 and guaranteed internet bandwidth, it is sure to save cost dramatically, and to ensure the QoS of voice based on interconnections of TDM telecommunications equipment.

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