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The patented Panomera®Multifocal Sensor System is a completely new camera technologyparticularly developed for the extensive video surveillance of large scale areas. Enormous expanses andareas are captured in a completely newresolution quality in real time. This results in significantly lowerinfrastructure requirements. Where previously several megapixel cameras wouldhave been necessary, a single Panomera® Multifocal Sensor System is nowsufficient.

Panomera® effect
The sophisticated combination of the high-resolution sensors of Panomera® S8 Ultraline offers an excellent dynamic range of 130 dB UWDReffectively and results in an extreme Panomera® effect. It offers a resolution of more than 125 px/m up to a distance of 160, 104 or 82 m,which enables the recognition ofpersons over the entire distance. The identification of persons (250 px/m) is supported up to a distance of 46 m depending onthe model, observation (62 px/m) even up to a distance of 322 m. Thiscorresponds to an immense object space of more than 26,000 sqm with consistentdepth of field.

Automatic calibration
The innovative lens sensor concept of the Panomera® S8 is based on motorised varifocal lenses that areoptimally matched to the extremely high-resolution image sensors. Theindividual lens sensor units are automaticallyfocused and calibrated over the network using the Panomera® AutoCalibration software. Itis not necessary to focus and calibrate directly at the Panomera® installationsite.

Video Content Analysis
The optional Video Content Analysis(VCA) detects movements and objectsin the uncompressed image and analyses them in real-time (depending on theanalysis resolution) with highly developed analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing. The detected events can be used to trigger therecording of a SMAVIA recording system.Together with the detected objects and the corresponding metadata, they arestored in a database. This allows the targeted search and evaluation of therecordings by SMAVIA Viewing Clientwith the Smart-Finder function.

Permanent capturing
The multifocal sensor systemcaptures and stores all areas of theobject space in maximum detail resolution. It does not matter whetherthe operators in live mode concentrate on a certain area (multiple detail zoom)or whether interesting areas are displayed in detail on the basis of videocontent analysis (multiple auto tracking). The Panomera® recordings always contain the entire action and allowfor the evaluation of each incident.

Automatic switching
The individual sensors of the Panomera®S8 are equipped with an ambientlight sensor and a removable IRcut filter and can automatically switch between day and night mode. In addition, different day and night pre-setscan be defined and adjusted for the exposure settings.

The sensors of the Panomera® S8 are equipped with a RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function to store the video stream in case of anetwork failure (e. g. Spanning Tree, Bursts). When the network is restored,the Smart-Backfill functionensures fast transmission to the SMAVIArecording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and thencontinues to record the live stream seamlessly.

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