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The Groove GX Series expansion leverages the power of sled-based architectures to bring the operational efficiency and accelerated innovation cycles of compact modular solutions to a broader customer base. This evolution includes support for Infinera's industry-leading sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology, carrier-grade features, high-density chassis, and a wide variety of advanced sled capabilities. The result is a solution that is designed to enable network operators to leverage the open, efficient, and flexible aspects of compact modular solutions for a significantly broader set of network applications, enabling them to cost-effectively meet the insatiable bandwidth demands driven by 5G and cloud-based networking.

The G25: A 100-mm-high and 300-mm-deep ETSI-compliant compact modular platform built for 100 GbE and 400 GbE service delivery over a 1.2T optical line (2 x 600G/wavelength) with a feature parity with the CHM2-T sled on the G30 platform.

The G30: Equipped with four service slots in 1RU, the G30 offers true multi-service support (SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, video, etc.) with advanced transponder and muxponder capabilities, sub-wavelength aggregation, and fully featured add-drop multiplexer functionality in a sled form factor. The G30 also supports metro open line system (OLS) and Open ROADM configurations and a mix of photonic and muxponder sleds in the same chassis.

The G40: Equipped with four service slots in a 3RU, 600-mm-deep ETSI-compliant form factor, this carrier-grade platform offers full NEBS Level 3 compliance, redundant controllers, multi-chassis management, and many other features. It offers high capacity and low power consumption in a compact footprint, leveraging Infinera's 1.6T (2 x 800G per wavelength) sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6). The G40 supports 100G to 800G line transponders and 10G to 400G client interfaces, and is perfectly suited for CSPs, ICPs, and many other network operators that require high-capacity networking.

The G60: Like the G40, the G60 builds upon the GX family with support for ICE6-powered sleds in eight service slots within a 5RU, 600-mm-deep ETSI-compliant form factor. The carrier-grade G60 offers full NEBS Level 3 compliance, redundant controllers, and multi-chassis management. The G60 further lowers the cost of optical transport with high density, low power consumption, and a compact footprint, with 100G to 800G line transponders and 10G to 400G client interfaces, making it perfectly suited for any bandwidth-hungry application.

The benefits of Infinera's GX Series
The significant business and operational benefits of Infinera's GX Series can be summarized as follows:

Multi-generational pay-as-you-grow mode of operation: The sled-based design allows network operators to eliminate the up-front cost of buying all the hardware on day one and the associated CapEx. Network operators can add capacity and change configuration through sleds when and how they want to, while scaling horizontally by adding new sleds and vertically through the addition of new chassis in a pay-as-you-grow operational model. Moreover, Infinera's game-changing Instant Bandwidth capacity activation model enables the quick, easy, and remote addition or modification of capacity without truck rolls. Instant Bandwidth enables a perfect match between the timing of CapEx and service revenue, thus accelerating time to revenue from months to minutes, and reduces OpEx by streamlining operations and eliminating truck rolls. Moreover, the Groove platforms are designed to support multiple generations of optical engines, thus maximizing network operators' return on investment.

Carrier-grade features: Many platforms in Infinera's compact modular portfolio are designed to be carrier-grade. Key features such as NEBS Level 3 compliance, hot-swappable redundant controllers, multi-chassis control, AC/DC power supplies, and the ability to fit into 300-mm or 600-mm ETSI racks allow seamless deployment and integration into CSP networks, thus widening the application scope in various parts of the network.

Significantly reduced transport costs: The Groove G30 disrupted the optical industry with its sled-based architecture, offering high port density in a compact footprint with low power consumption. Infinera builds upon this success by offering a complete portfolio of compact modular platforms and leverages ICE6 to further decrease capital and operating costs with more capacity at longer reach, compact footprint, low power consumption, and better spectral efficiency. The ICE6 sled design also reduces sparing costs, as the same module can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in metro, regional, long-haul, and submarine networks.

Open and disaggregated principles: The GX Series is built around the principles of hardware disaggregation, open standards (e.g., OpenDaylight, Open ROADM, OpenConfig, etc.), and open APIs with standard YANG models, which further facilitates multi-vendor interoperability and prevents vendor lock-in. Moreover, a next-generation microservices-based software framework allows network operators to selectively deploy the microservices (e.g., path computation engine, etc.) they need, thus accelerating feature development, speeding up software upgrades, improving software scalability, and significantly improving user experience.

Simplified turn-up and lifecycle management: With the goal of having traffic up and running within minutes, Infinera's compact modular platforms have been designed from the ground up to allow easy installation, quick service turn-up, and intuitive management, as well as proven, easy integration into third-party line systems.

Built for automation: The GX Series supports numerous features and capabilities to automate tasks, streamline operations, and eliminate sources of human error. Such features include declarative configuration management, streaming telemetry (gRPC, gNMI), open APIs, and standards-based YANG models.

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