1008-IP6300 MSPLC (Multi-Service Packet Loop Carrier)
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The Loop-IP6300 MSPLC (Multi-Service Packet Loop Carrier) is a carrier-grade, intelligent Ethernet switch that offers quality service and expandability an affordable price. This switch has a daughter board with four Gigabit Ethernet uplink interfaces; two of the uplink interfaces are equipped with a combination of RJ45 and SFP connectors, while the other two are RJ45 only.
The user access interfaces have been designed as hot-swappable plug-in cards. With three dedicated slots on the chassis, the user can install up to three cards and expand the number of interface ports up to 24. Options currently supported by the 8-port plug-in cards are 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet and 100M FX.

Both copper and optical interface options are also available to fit the customer's needs. Over longer distances, the optical interface is ideal for supporting fiber to the home to deliver video, voice, and data services.

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