1010-IP6810 Self-Healing Ring NTU
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The Loop-IP6810 is a self-healing ring network termination unit (NTU) with a built-in L2 switch. It can be desktop, wall or DIN Rail mounted. LEAPS, RSTP, or MSTP* Ethernet Ring protection or point-to-point protection is facilitated in 100 Base-FX.
All end equipment can be either in packet format via Ethernet ports or serial data via RS232/485 interfaces, which are converted into packet format within the IP6810. The IP6810 has two WAN optical and electrical* interfaces, two RS232/485 DTE interfaces, three Ethernet LAN interfaces, two sets of dry contact IN/OUT interfaces, and one alarm relay connector. The IP6810 has a hardening option which will support temperatures from –20C to 70C (-4F to 158F).
The IP6810 supports auto-discovery to locate all units on the ring, and also supports remote-configure for the ease of installations. It also supports single AC, single DC or dual DC to field requirement. A Power over Ethernet (PoE) option is available.
The IP6810 facilitates automation systems, SCADA systems, surveillance systems, traffic control systems, transportation systems and IP networking with robust protection in ring, point-to-point, or omni-bus-like topology. Easy installation and configuration also make maintenance or further expansion more efficient and cost-effective.

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