312-V4100 Universal Multiservice Access Platform
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Used with STM1 and DS3 networks, the Loop-V4100 provides full STM1 access, OC-3 access, and OC-3 Add-drop. The Loop-V4100 has a full DS0 cross-connect built inside. The A-u conversion is also supported. The OC3/STM-1 port can be connected to OC3/STM-1 networks or to the Loop-V4200-28 with OC3/STM-1 port. Three DS3 ports can be connected to DS3 networks or to the Loop-V4200-28 with DS3 port. Local control and diagnostics is supported by using a VT100 terminal connected to the console port. The Loop-V4100 also supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so that it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote locations.

Data from any port or any time slot of that port can be channeled to any port or any time slot of any other port. Digitized voice is converted between A-law and u-law. Channel associated signaling (CAS) is converted between E1 and T1 formats.

The main chassis, which is a 5U-high rack-mountable box, has 2 slots reserved for the main controller board, 4 slots reserved for OC3/STM-1, 6 slots reserved for DS3 ports, and 4 slots used for the circuit board protection.

ANSI (front and real access) and ETSI (full front access) shelves are available. The LED indicators for each port are only available on the front side of ETSI shelf; while the LED indicators for each port are available on the front and back sides of ANSI shelf.

Data Sheet


  • Used with STM1 and DS3 network

  • Different plug-in types
  • DS3 (28T1/21E1)
  • E3 (16E1)
  • Circuit protection board for DS3
  • High density 28T1
  • High density 21E1
  • DS0 Digital cross-connect between plug-in ports
  • A - u coding and signaling conversion
  • Alarm relay
  • Console port, Ethernet, SNMP
  • AC or DC redundant power module
  • In-band management, out-band management
  • Redundant TSI, power and control board
  • Up to 17 slots for different plug-ins
  • Supports for OC3/STM-1 1+1 line
  • Supports for DS3 1+1 line & circuit protection
  • Power consumption: to 90W nominal
  • YBOX available for 21 E1 interface card hardware protection

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