314-V4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 Converter
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The Loop-V4300 Mini DACS E1/T1 converter provides both DS0 and n x 64 Kbps cross-connect between any T1 and E1 ports and E1 to T1 format conversion functions. An E1 to T1 conversion includes a line format, A-law to mu-law conversion, and signaling bits association. The Loop-V4300 also supports a DTE port operating from 56 Kbps to 1984 Kbps. This unit is suitable for applications involving 2 or 4 ports. The Loop-V4300 also supports in-band management: management data and user data is carried in a DS0 time slot, traversing national networks.

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  • 2, 3, or 4 ports E1
  • T1
  • DTE (2 DTE maximum)
  • For E1/ T1 Each DS0 time slot from any port can be assigned to any DS0 time slot of any other port
  • Each DS0 can be 64 Kbps clear channel
  • Voice channel
  • Full translation of digitized voice between T1 and E1 A-law to mu-law
  • Signaling bits association
  • 2-line by 16-character LCD for maintenance, performance monitoring, and administration
  • Ethernet port for the connection to SNMP and to Telnet
  • In-band Subnet Management facility for remote management through national networks
  • Multicolor LED indicators for each of 4 line interfaces

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