1003-Loop-iNMS Integrated Network Management System
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Intelligent Managemen

Loop-iNMS (Integrated Network Management System) is a set of intelligent software programs used for providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the management of a communications network containing Loop Telecom products, which can be categorized into 3 groups:
  1. TDM Access, which includes E1 CSU/DSU, HDSL CSU/DSU, and IDSL CSU/DSU;
  2. Optical Transmission, which includes SDH/SONET ADM (Add-Drop Multiplex)
  3. IP/Ethernet interfaces
The GUI feature runs on a user-supplied computer running Microsoft Windows platform. Via LAN or WAN, up to 50 separate GUI clients can be concurrently logged into the iNMS.Workforce management is facilitated by multiple levels of login security, which provide the network manager great flexibility in work assignments. The hierarchical grouping featuring cities, buildings, and rooms allow rapid access to the desired network elements.
All SNMP provided functions are available in Loop-iNMS. This includes the execution of all commands, the gathering of all statistics, and the display of all alarm conditions in real time. Maps and reports can be printed as well as viewed directly from the iNMS GUI clients.

The support of Southbound Interface with NEs includes SNMP v1, v3, and onthers upon requrest. The Northbound Interface support includes CORBA and more (upon request). Loop-iNMS is flexibly designed in a way to support potentially all types of Southbound and Northbound protocol sets.

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