1005-O9170S SDH STM-1 MUX
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The O9170S is a comprehensive SDH STM-1 multiplexer platform for traditional telecom businesses and broadband information business applications, and a blending trend which adapts Metropolitan Area Network as well as audio and information business in all Private Networks.
The O9170S provides two optical line signals at STM-1 with protection schemes including MSP(1+1) and SNCP protection in both ring and linear network topologies.
On the aggregate side, the O9170S has two STM-1 ports supporting 1+1 protection. On the tributary side, the O9170S has four Ethernets and 8-port E1, as well as options of Voice (FXS/FXO/E&M) and DTE (RS232/RS485) interfaces.

All interfaces are fully compliant with the relevant ANSI standards and ITU recommendations. The O9170S provides fault management, performance monitoring, configuration management, and network security management. Through the console port, LAN port and DCC channel, the OAM&P can be achieved both locally and remotely via SNMP or menu-driven interfaces. The O9170S supports the LOOPView GUI EMS (Element Management System).

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