1017-IP6700 TDMoEthernet
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The Loop-IP6700 TDMoEthernet is an ideal solution for transporting varied TDM traffic over IP networks. As the core communications network migrates from Circuit Switched Network to Packet Switched Network, the Loop-IP6700 provides a flexible and cost-effective choice.

On the WAN side, the Ethernet interface can be 10/100 BaseT or 100 BaseFX. For the User Tributary interface, the TDM Tributary interface can be either multiple E1/T1, serial or E3/DS3. The Ethernet Tributary interface can be 2 10/100 BaseT ports. Loop-IP6700 converts the TDM data stream and timing information into packets and transmits to the connected Packet Switched Network. Another Pseudowire device converts the received packet stream back to original TDM data stream along with the original timing information.
The Loop-IP6700 has built-in AC or DC power. Management choices include DB-9 console port, Ethernet port, and SNMP port with default IP address in addition to Inband management for communication with remote management centers.
For transport of TDM signals, the Jitter and Wander adheres to G.823/G.824 Traffic Interface and G.823/G.824 Synchronous Interface when OCXO is selected in order to provide excellent clock traceability and stability.
The IP6700's Ethernet uplink can further be uploaded into other equipment such as microwave and wireless links for applications like emergency services and public transportation.

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