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Test Environment Automation
Testing labs and facilities are typically very busy environments and always have pre-dedicated time slots for specific product test or modelling and booking a time slot is always an issue. When different testing scenarios are required, it takes time to re-create the correct test environment and this can be a lengthy process, consuming scarce resources.

The challenges
The challenges in a networked testing environment are many-fold with time restraints being one critical factor and having to share costly test resources being another. But other challenges are always apparent and need to be addressed, such as;
• Implementing test lab automation without automating the cable re-wiring presents its own challenges
• Manual cabling takes time and disrupts test time
• Manual co-ordination of rewiring, leads to poor resource sharing
• Remote access to labs and test facilities may rely on local personnel
• Reproducing test topologies takes time & resources
• Simulation scenarios can be very challenging
• Engineers time or assistance is not always available
• Access to labs may be secure and very limited

The Solution
Fibre Technologies Ltd, based in Berkshire, are a highly accredited, multi division, solutions integrator, who specialise in providing the best possible solutions using the latest technologies.
And to facilitate the automated test environment we are promoting a high capacity, high bandwidth and low latency Layer 1 switch that utilises plug in blades and transceivers, with integrated management and remote access.
The chassis is 12RU with 8 useable slots and there are two options for the plug in cards which can be either 32 port QSFP28 based or a 64 port SFP based.
Along with the choice of cards, the chassis provides the highest scalability of 1,024 ports @ 28Gb, 256 ports @ 128Gb, supports Single-Mode, Multi-Mode & copper, provides flexible port mapping using unicast, line rate multicast, 50nS latency and 0dB insertion loss.
The answer to the networked testing challenges, is Automation with Flexibility ensuring that the test environment be automated from the unit level all the way up to the overall system level, yet still providing full access with local and remote control.
Automating the test lab can help shorten the QA test cycle, reduce the lab's CAPEX and OPEX requirements and increase test coverage and product quality.

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