Where would any company be without the “plumbing" for its network, or the components that join it all together to make it fully functional and cohesive?

These are very simple but invaluable products which enable companies to do just that and include:

  • Copper and fibre patch panels
  • Optical demarcation frames
  • Copper and fibre patch cables
  • Pre-terminated multi-core fibre cables
  • Ruggedized fibre cables, for more hostile environments
  • Fibre optic attenuators
  • Pluggable optics, including SFPs, GBICs and XFPs
  • Fibre preparation and cleaning items

These types of products are sometimes forgotten about or, typically, left until the last minute. They can be deemed as secondary to the main product list, but are in fact vital parts of the whole solution and shouldn't be dismissed as just an additional cost because, without them, a network is simply boxes.

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- Estates Office Network Engineer, University of Warwick -

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