The advent of IP networks, as well as existing historic legacy copper networks, has brought an abundance of copper connections for serial data, as well as the more recent 10Mb, 100Mb and 1Gb Ethernet.

As networks and companies evolve and grow, points of connectivity will need to be boosted across a fibre optic network in order to extend their reach across company's premises, business park, university campus, or even across countries to connect two points together. A university or organisation that has its own fibre network communications infrastructure will, most probably, have its network spread across a campus or even a city and need to provide high speed communication links between multiple sites. In order to facilitate this, it could use pairs of copper to fibre, media converters.

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This is a common practice that is not only cost effective, but extremely easy to implement, and found everywhere around the world, in all areas of business and communication.

“Fibre Technologies is technically very strong. Fibre optics can be a minefield and all the team always give generously of their time to advise and help us.”

- Procurement, Jersey Telecom -

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