Fibre optic networks are common place as the primary infrastructure for carrying voice, video and data. They are renowned for their inherent capacity to allow for growth and expansion using the latest technologies, as well as being the fastest infrastructure available.

In the past, the physical interface for a business network connection would have been a copper one, but as demand for bandwidth has become a high priority, the fibre optic interface is now king as it can facilitate higher volumes and rate of data transfer.

Products are available to convert a single short reach, high speed interface into a single long reach, high speed interface - or even better, many short reach, high speed interfaces into one single long reach interface.

With optical fibre as your transport medium, your network choices and options become much greater and enable the latest and greatest technologies to be added as and when required. They also help to guarantee the longevity of your business networks for years to come.

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“Fibre optics is a new area for us and Fibre Technologies was really helpful, advising and giving us exactly what we needed to meet our requirements.”

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