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Fibre Optic Communication Solutions

Established since 1990, Fibre Technologies is a leading technology company engaged in the design, deployment and maintenance of critical fibre optic infrastructure across the UK and Europe.

Our team of technical experts and engineers have diverse experience in delivering complex fibre optic solutions to ISPs, Universities, Data Centres, Network Carriers and Public and Private Enterprises, supporting them with the increasing demand for greater network bandwidth.

Benefitting from strategic partnerships with global fibre optic manufacturers, Fibre Technologies delivers complete systems integration solutions, with in-house technical support, installation, training, auditing and maintenance.

Fibre Technologies, through the FTL Secure Solutions division is an NSI Gold accredited provider of CCTV, Access Control, Commercial Radar Solutions and Biometrics, for a range of clients in the Corporate, Industrial and Education sectors.

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“Fibre Technologies always takes a highly professional approach to any task set. The team exhibits self confidence that is vital to the successful performance of its role and has inspired the respect and trust of others within the industry. FTL has displayed outstanding verbal and written communication skills, which together with its attention to detail makes the company a worthwhile member of any project.”

- Estates Office Network Engineer, University of Warwick -

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