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Fibre Technologies(FTL) are pleased to introduce the next generation of Isoscan monitoring solutions, Isoscan II, designed to give data centre operators and building managers early warning of potential problems arising within their controlled environment.

The system comprises a hardware and software solution utilising small DIN mounted outstations and expanders installed in a convenient location within the customers' premises,which are then connected to the clients existing infrastructure via simple cabled connections, this being any equipment that is to be monitored such as UPS, air conditioning units, generators etc. Connection between the outstation and monitoring software server is via Ethernet.

The system supportsmany industry standard protocols, including among others, volt free, ModBus andKNX/EIB. Allowing easy connection and monitoring of virtually all available equipment.

FTL's software component, Isoscan II, allows easy configuration of monitored points and handles the reporting of alerts via email or SMS to the required personnel,along with storage and reporting of archived events, all from a simple web browser based user interface.

“Fibre Technologies always takes a highly professional approach to any task set. The team exhibits self confidence that is vital to the successful performance of its role and has inspired the respect and trust of others within the industry. FTL has displayed outstanding verbal and written communication skills, which together with its attention to detail makes the company a worthwhile member of any project.”

- Estates Office Network Engineer, University of Warwick -

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